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My Thoughts on RCB (Referral Commission Back)

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  • My Thoughts on RCB (Referral Commission Back)

    I'd like to briefly share my thoughts on RCB (Referral Commission Back) as a tool that can be used to improve the community's general disposition and the rate at which those who use RCB can earn. Allowing your down line, if you do have any referrals, to split the commission with you or give it all back to them allows us as the users to give a contribution towards each other and the developers/staff of My Solid Coin.

    - Users in a down line will earn more quickly thus allowing them to purchase treasure upgrade more quickly which possibly means higher commission earning sooner
    - Potentially improves the mood of users in a down line thus leading to increased user activity
    - Increased site activity can lead to more revenue for users taking advantage of RCB and the developers
    - Generally promotes the growth of this platform

    In conclusion referral commission back to me is an amazing tool that we can all utilize as a community to attract new users as well as support the development of this platform and each other's earnings. I hope this has supported understanding of some benefits of RCB as I see them. Thanks for reading, cheers!